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Zac Lowing Alley walker

Chicago, IL


Zac is a creative person, he constantly has ideas on new things and finds way to express them either through computer graphics on an old laptop, with Legos and through photography. Being a mechanic by trade, he also is an inventor hoping to help the world by providing new products to sell.
He spent 9 months as a hermit in the middle of a Chicago suburb doing his computer graphics till all his money ran out, then the food... and then the power was cut off. He then spent 15 months at Pacific Garden Mission on the south side of Chicago, one of the largest homeless shelters in the country. Upon entering the Bible program there he found that you had to give up all electronics till graduation, but they would help you get back on your feet. Setting aside his addiction to doing the computer graphics wasn't easy, so he found other ways of expressing himself by writing about his experience at the shelter and drawing.
Upon graduation he bought a Galaxy S2 cell phone and in the time not on job interviews, he took pictures of the city. Growing up in the suburbs, the city was mainly something you saw on TV or in the theater. Being able to explore it now was like meeting a movie star! The buildings in the suburbs are all crisp and clean, nice to live in maybe, but boring to look at. The city of Chicago grew in random ways and much of it is being erased by new, clean construction. While everyone else is taking photos of the big pretty buildings, Zac headed off into the alleys to commiserate with the beat up, old rusty stuff that he felt comfortable with. It's often a treasure hunt, strange objects and graffiti left by other people. He may not take many photos of people, but he takes photos of what others wanted to be seen, left in obscure places.
He now resides in the Logan Square neighborhood on the north side of Chicago and has found that 15 months without using his favorite graphics program did not leave a bit of rust in his creativity.
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